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Relieving Pain with Knee Joint Pain Supplements

Written by OmegaXL on May 15, 2014

Acute knee joint pain is a common result of many sports injuries. On the other hand, knee pain due to an inflammatory condition and is more common and more serious because the pain can be more considerable. Inflammatory knee pain and stiffness can derail an otherwise active lifestyle.

Even just living a normal lifestyle can be seriously compromised because of pain and a loss of mobility of the knee joint. As a natural, first line, assault on the inflammation causing the pain, many sufferers today are employing newly developed knee joint pain supplements.

Is There Really A Need For Knee Joint Supplements?

For millions of people around the world suffering from some form of joint pain – including knee joint pain – the answer is yes! As far as joints go, the knee is the body’s largest, followed closely by the hip. The complex anatomical structure of the knee, more than other joints, makes it that much more vulnerable to injury and pain. Certain jobs that are physically labor-intensive, sports and recreation activities, not to mention

being overweight, aging, or having an inflammatory condition, can increase your chances of having problems with your knees. However, knee pain is almost certainly some function on inflammation – either by way of an injury, or a joint condition, or poor diet. So, a knee joint supplement that addresses inflammation is one you need. That’s why so many types of knee joint pain supplements have become available over-the-counter, including the widely used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

One of the most common NSAIDs is a group known as COX-inhibitors. Specifically, the COX-2 inhibitor, because of its effectiveness in relieving pain and inflammation, is recommended for inflammatory knee joint pain. Unfortunately, the COX-2 inhibitor is also known for its harsh effects on the body, including increasing the risk for cardiovascular diseases. Beyond NSAIDs, there exists other more powerful synthetically derived drugs and steroid injections employed to combat painful knee joints. But, like NSAIDs, these drugs and drug therapies come with a host of undesirable – often dangerous – side effects. For this reason, many sufferers of knee joint pain look for an all-natural anti-inflammatory supplement to deal with their knee pain.

Informed Consumers Choose OmegaXL As Their Knee Joint Pain Supplement

OmegaXL is a highly effective, university tested, all-natural knee joint pain supplement. The patented key ingredient in OmegaXL specifically targets inflammation. OmegaXL works based on the fact that if inflammation is reduced, pain and stiffness is relieved. OmegaXL contains PCSO-524, the patented marine extract that has demonstrated in over 30 years of university studies to reduce pain due to inflammation. OmegaXL, with PCSO-524, supports all inflammatory joint conditions including stress from injury. If you suffer from knee joint pain you will choose OmegaXL as your knee joint pain supplement because it works!