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Joint Pain Relief

Best Natural Workout Recovery Supplements

Written by OmegaXL on June 6, 2016

By Dr. Karen Vieira Ph.D. Individuals who work out regularly and vigorously often experience muscle soreness. Sometimes the pain and discomfort is brief, while at other times it may last... Read more

Understanding Cartilage Damage

Written by OmegaXL on May 15, 2014

There are three different types of cartilage within the human body, two of which are found in our joints. The first type, articular cartilage, is a slick, smooth surface on the ends of bones that helps them slide easily past each other when we move our joints. Fibrocartilage is a thicker, tougher substance that acts

Living with Joint Pain

Written by OmegaXL on May 15, 2014

Millions of people around the world live with joint pain every single day. If you are experiencing pain from joint damage or other health problems, daily medication may provide some relief. However if you are concerned about side effects, or are interested in finding natural alternatives that may help you and your doctor reduce or

The Anti-Inflammatory Properties Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids Provide Back Pain Relief

Written by OmegaXL on May 15, 2014

Omega 3 fatty acids are among the several nutrients that the human body can extract from dietary fish oil. Omega 3 fatty acids, which are distinctly different from the family of Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids, have anti-inflammatory attributes that can provide relief from several physiological conditions, including back pain relief. There are

What Makes OmegaXL Unique?

Written by OmegaXL on May 15, 2014

Omega XL is an omega-3 fish oil complex head and shoulders above other brands of fish oil and omega-3 supplements for numerous reasons. Apart from the unique and patented extraction process of the 30 fatty acids contained in Omega XL and the years of published researched behind it, perhaps the most unique aspect of Omega

Ancient Joint Pain Relief From New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussels

Written by OmegaXL on May 15, 2014

Archaeologists studying the Maori tribes of New Zealand have uncovered centuries-old mounds of green-lipped mussel shells in the ancient trash heaps of the earliest inhabitants of New Zealand. Known among marine biologists as perna Canaliculus, the green-lipped mussel has been the subject of much study indicating they were a staple in the diet of the

Natural Supplement To Relieve Shoulder Joint Pain

Written by OmegaXL on May 15, 2014

Shoulder joint pain due to inflammation from either an injury or an inflammatory condition affects millions of people. Left unchecked, the inflammation that causes shoulder joint pain and stiffness can persist for long periods of time and have a negative effect on the regular daily activities most of us take for granted. Dealing with dull

5 Tips To Relieve Joint Pain – Part 1

Written by OmegaXL on May 15, 2014

Joint pain can slow you down like nothing else. Anytime our mobility becomes compromised because of stiff, painful, swollen joints, our entire lives become affected. Even the most basic tasks can become difficult, slowing us down and robbing us of the quality of our lives. Taking joint pain medications is the first option many people

Relieving Pain with Knee Joint Pain Supplements

Written by OmegaXL on May 15, 2014

Acute knee joint pain is a common result of many sports injuries. On the other hand, knee pain due to an inflammatory condition and is more common and more serious because the the pain can be more considerable. Inflammatory knee pain and stiffness can derail an otherwise active lifestyle. Even just living a normal lifestyle

High-Flying Legal Eagle Rikki Klieman Soars With Omega XL

Written by OmegaXL on May 15, 2014

Television anchor, legal analyst, trial attorney, actor and best-selling author, Rikki Klieman has earned a sterling reputation as one of the nation’s most celebrated lawyers and legal authorities. A dynamic and versatile communicator, Klieman has found success in multiple fields, including television journalism, the courtroom, academia and public speaking. In addition to her lectures to