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Great HealthWorks Makers of OmegaXL

Written by OmegaXL on May 15, 2014

Great HealthWorks, Inc. is a global distributor of state-of-the-art health products founded with one goal in mind – your good health. The Company’s leading product, OmegaXL, is a proprietary, all-natural, Omega “super oil” that is derived exclusively from the green-lipped mussel, bred and farmed in New Zealand’s unspoiled Marlborough Sounds region.

This groundbreaking new joint care supplement was brought to the US market by Great HealthWorks CEO, Mr. Ken Meares, who discovered that the key ingredient in OmegaXL had been the subject of over 30 years of published clinical research demonstrating relief from joint pain and inflammation. There was no other known joint care product on the market that could make such a claim.  Mr. Meares believed that the amazing, all-natural, joint pain relief property of OmegaXL would be a boon to the millions of people who suffer debilitating joint pain and stiffness due to inflammation or inflammatory conditions.

He was right. Tens of thousands of people suffering from joint pain and inflammation have so far consumed over half a billion OmegaXL gel caps, making OmegaXL one of the fastest growing brands in joint care history. And, the company continues to grow at a remarkable pace for two reasons: first and foremost, OmegaXL works.  Not only does its exhaustive 30-year research pedigree support its use, but so too do the thousands of customer testimonials that rave about the effectiveness and life-changing experience with OmegaXL. Secondly, the company further credits its success to its particular brand of customer service.  Great HealthWorks prides itself on the attention and cares it gives its customers.  From first-rate, in-house, customer service; rapid fulfillment; Auto-Ship that assures you never run out of OmegaXL; to continued customer care and education with repeated customer contact, Great HealthWorks not only claims it is concerned with your good health, it proves it.

To further its mission of providing safe and effective products that promote your good health, Great HealthWorks is expanding its product line to include a novel, state-of-the-art beauty, and anti-aging products of the same efficacy, quality and safety standards as OmegaXL. Only the most groundbreaking and innovative products will be offered that have demonstrated the safety, efficacy and good value for which the Great HealthWorks product line is known.

Part of the promotional machine to espouse these offerings is the acquisition of New You magazine, the premiere consumer publication focusing on the future of beauty and anti-aging. New You is an oversized, quarterly magazine devoted to lifestyle, beauty, and anti-aging – with a mix of products, tips, trends, travel, and cutting-edge innovative features that speaks intelligently to an informed demographic who are interested in the most ground-breaking and innovative procedures and products.

Great HealthWorks is one of the few companies that not only claims it is interested in your good health, it has gone to great lengths and great expense to prove it. Just ask their customers. For more information on Great HealthWorks and its products and customer testimonials visit