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Natural Supplement To Relieve Shoulder Joint Pain

Written by OmegaXL on May 15, 2014

Shoulder joint pain due to inflammation from either an injury or an inflammatory condition affects millions of people. Left unchecked, the inflammation that causes shoulder joint pain and stiffness can persist for long periods of time and have a negative effect on the regular daily activities most of us take for granted. Dealing with dull nagging pain and stiffness in your shoulder joints is something no one wants to live with. That’s why so many sufferers actively seek options that will address inflammation and relieve their shoulder pain. Because many people want an all-natural solution, shoulder joint pain supplements have become very popular.

Before there was an all-natural means to address inflammation, those suffering from shoulder joint pain had no choice but to resort to prescription pain medications. Unfortunately, taking a prescription painkiller can cause more problems than that which you seek to fix. Painkilling drugs taken for prolonged periods can cause undesirable and often dangerous side effects, chemical dependency, and they never address the cause of the pain – inflammation. Headlines abound in the news followed by stories detailing why so many prescription drugs have been pulled from the market because the risks that come with taking them outweigh their benefits. Even the drugs still available have lists of side effects a mile long!

All-Natural Shoulder Joint Pain Supplements Or Drugs?
An all-natural formula for an effective shoulder joint pain relief specifically addresses inflammation, which is usually the cause of painful shoulder joints. And, because such a supplement is addressing the root of shoulder joint pain, the relief it offers is not temporary. Real all-natural anti-inflammatory joint pain relief is long lasting because its intended purpose is to address inflammation, not mask pain. While it’s true that anyone suffering from pain just wants it to go away, a realistic approach to lasting relief has to do more than chemically blunt pain. Prolonged use of chemical painkilling drugs might make you feel better initially, but you are not only not treating the root of your pain, you are also subjecting your body to undesirable and even dangerous side effects. Think about it, as much as your shoulder might hurt, do you really want to take something known to potentially cause:

  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Drowsiness
  • Constipation
  • And many more….

This is why so many people today are looking for an effective, all-natural, shoulder joint pain supplement known to cause few if any, side effects.

OmegaXL is unique among other shoulder joint pain supplements on the market because its key ingredient, a potent marine extract under the trade name “PCSO-524®,” has been the subject of over 30 years of published university studies where it demonstrated a significant anti-inflammatory effect. No other all-natural anti-inflammatory joint pain supplement can boast such an exhaustive research pedigree.

OmegaXL®, with PCSO-524®, is marketed exclusively by Great HealthWorks, a company dedicated to your good health. Over Half a Billion OmegaXL gel caps have been sold to satisfied customers who enthusiastically confirm the incredible inflammation fighting and long term joint pain managing effect they experienced with this unique, all-natural, supplement. Great HealthWorks cares about you. Their friendly representatives call you, not once, but twice in the weeks after you receive your order to check in and make sure you are satisfied, happy and using OmegaXL correctly. They even offer Auto-Ship, the company’s program that automatically ensures you never run out of OmegaXL month after month.