PCSO-524® May Provide More Benefit For Joint Pain and Mobility than Standard Fish Oil

Written by OmegaXL on May 14, 2014

PCSO-524® is an all natural, Omega-3 concentrate, extracted from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, containing a uniquely high free fatty acid content.  According to a recent study published in Rheumatologia, the official journal of the Institute of Rheumatology and the Polish Rheumatological Society, PCSO-524 may provide more benefits for joint mobility and pain compared to standard fish oil.
In a double-blind study, 50 patients older than 50 years of age from the Rheumatology Clinic at the Wroclaw Medical University Hospital were administered randomly either a supplement that contained the omega-3 complex PCSO-524® or standard fish oil capsules. All 50 patients had a diagnosed history of osteoarthritis of the knee and/or the hip.  After 12 weeks, the research findings demonstrated that patients who were administered PCSO-524® showed a statistically significant improvement of both their joint pain conditions and improved quality of their daily lives. Patients administered standard fish oil showed significantly less improvement and a greater level of physical discomfort caused by the fish oil during the study.
The green-lipped mussel, from which PCSO-524® is extracted is farmed and harvested exclusively from the pristine waters of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds.  This unique environment and aquaculture contribute to PCSO-524’s natural anti-inflammatory properties and is the only known omega-3 marine lipid extract to contain a total of 30 healthy fatty acids including high levels of DHA and EPA as free fatty acids.

Source: Rheumatologia
Volume 49, Issue 4, Pages 244-252
“Measurement of pain relief resulting from the administration of Perna canaliculus lipid complex PCSO-524® as compared to fish oil for treating patients who suffer from osteoarthritis of knee and/or hip joints”
Authors: J. Szechinski, M. Zawadzki