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What Makes OmegaXL So Effective? PCSO-524

Written by OmegaXL on May 15, 2014

OmegaXL became the leading natural anti-inflammatory and potent omega-3 complex because of its unique and proprietary key ingredient, PCSO-524®. Once it was substantiated that the green-lipped mussel possessed a powerful array of inflammation fighting omega-3 fatty acids, it became paramount to find an extraction process that not only isolated and removed the natural anti-inflammatory lipids from the mussel, but also kept them pure and intact.
In 1992, German pioneers of supercritical extraction established the CO2 Supercritical Extraction technology that was able to extract the non-polar lipids (aka fatty acids) from the green-lipped mussel. In layman’s terms, “supercritical extraction” is the process of separating one component, “the extractant” – the important part you’re removing – from another, “the matrix” – where you’re removing it from – using special “supercritical fluids” that cause a chemical reaction that separates the extractant from its matrix. Supercritical Fluid Extraction has been employed in a variety of scientific and common commercial applications. It can be used as a sample preparation step for analytical purposes (e.g. if you’re conducting a scientific experiment), or on a larger scale to either strip unwanted material from a product (e.g. taking caffeine out of a coffee bean), or to collect the desired product. In the case of PCSO-524, the supercritical extraction process proved to be the optimal means to extract the essential omega oils from the green-lipped mussel.
After 12 years of research and development using supercritical extraction technology, a new generation of stabilized omega-3 fatty acids, known under the trademark “PSCO-524®,” was ready for commercialization and encapsulation. The CO2 extraction process not only protects the fatty acid fractions comprising PCSO-524 because the process doesn’t use heat, which destroys the Omega-3s but also eliminates harmful heavy metals and pesticides that may have entered the food chain. Remember, when you eat something that’s part of a food chain, you’re also eating everything that animal has eaten, including any metals, toxins, and pesticides.
To date, the patents protecting the extraction, stabilization and manufacturing processes that produce PCSO-524 make it the leading omega-3 marine extract that maintains its natural anti-inflammatory properties. And, with over 30 years of research supporting its anti-inflammatory properties to promote joint support, it can boast one of the best exhaustive research pedigrees of any OTC nutraceutical on the market.
Addressing inflammation is one of the main reasons people use omega-3 supplements in the first place. Research has demonstrated that the effectiveness of PCSO-524 lies in its ability to natural inhibit LOX, (Lipoxygenase – enzymes produced by the immune system involved in the protective process that causes inflammation). Because of its ability to inhibit LOX, PCSO-524, found in OmegaXL, has demonstrated to be an effective complementary or alternative course of action for providing relief from joint pain, as well as other inflammatory conditions. This is incredibly important information for people suffering from joint pain and stiffness due to inflammation looking for a natural alternative to powerful anti-inflammatory drugs. So, if you are looking for a safe and effective means to address joint pain and stiffness due to inflammation or inflammatory conditions, then OmegaXL®, with PCSO-524® could very well be the natural alternative you have been looking for.
OmegaXL®, with PCSO-524®, is marketed exclusively by Great Health Works, a company dedicated to your good health. Over Half a Billion OmegaXL gel caps have been sold to satisfied customers who enthusiastically confirm the incredible inflammation fighting and long-term joint pain managing effect they experienced with this unique, all-natural, supplement. Great Health Works cares about you. Their friendly representatives call you, not once, but twice in the weeks after you receive your order to check in and make sure you are satisfied, happy and using OmegaXL correctly. They even offer Auto-Ship, the company’s program that automatically ensures you never run out of OmegaXL month after month.