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Dr. Debra Morton, Pastor At Two Internationally Renowned Ministries, Says “OmegaXL Changed My Life”

Escrito por OmegaXL on May 15, 2014

Together with her husband, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr., Dr. Debra Morton tells her national TV audience how OmegaXL changed her life on her new show, A Good Life With Debora Morton, Debra has been so moved by the relief from pain and inflammation she experienced she has become a celebrity spokesperson for OmegaXL, the all-natural anti-inflammatory Omega-3 marine oil concentrate.

Dr. Morton is not only a charismatic leader, author, visionary and entrepreneur but also administers to a sizable congregation as senior pastor of Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church in New Orleans, LA and co-pastor of Changing A Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA, two internationally renowned and thriving ministries. To say her lifestyle is active is a serious understatement. After assisting her husband to rebuild their ministry in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina and her experience in hurricane Rita, Dr. Morton came away with a few battle wounds that caused her pain.

With such a broad reach in her international celebrity, Dr. Morton gets introduced to products and services all the time and is always skeptical. However, when she learned about OmegaXL and began taking just two small easy to swallow gel caps twice a day she noticed the pain in her knee and her elbow went away!

Debra believes that OmegaXL is such an exceptional product that she wants the world to know that, “this little capsule changed my life. OmegaXL took my pain away,”

she said on TV. “Listen I’ve been through Katrina, I’ve been through Rita and I’ve been through a lot of storms in life, but I’m telling you, when you have pain in your body this is a product that you want to have in your life! It will take your pain away and it will change your life. I am here to tell the world to take OmegaXL.”

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