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OmegaXL Complies With New Zealand Department Of Fisheries Eco-Sustainability Standards

Escrito por OmegaXL on May 15, 2014

According to the Business Dictionary, “eco-sustainability,” or “ecological sustainability,” is defined as the capacity of ecosystems to maintain their essential functions and processes, and retain their biodiversity in full measure over the long-term.  What that means to us as consumers, is that we expect the companies from which we buy products to take responsible steps to ensure that the plant or animal sources they harvest to produce the products we consume don’t become extinct.

In the case of OmegaXL, its key ingredient – PCSO-524 – harvested from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, strictly complies with the New Zealand Department of Fisheries standards and management system ensuring the sustainability of the green-lipped mussel.  This important step in the production of OmegaXL assures consumers that they are not taking away anything from the earth they are not putting back.

Esta preocupación seria por el medio ambiente es particularmente importante cuando se trata de la sostenibilidad de los frágiles ecosistemas de los océanos de nuestro mundo. El hombre ha saqueado a los océanos de sus tesoros durante decenas de miles de años, y rara vez da algo a cambio y nunca teniendo en cuenta que algún día el hombre puede tener que rendir cuentas por repletar a lo que se consideraba irresponsablemente un recurso sin fin. Pues bien, hoy, las acciones del hombre se están poniendo al día con él y con el gran tamaño de la cosecha del océano para diversos productos marinos ha llegado al punto más crítico mundialmente.

The thousands of years Man has fed off our oceans, under the belief that there would be no consequence, is catching up to him.  Today, the sustainability of life on our planet depends on the biodiversity of our oceans. It is now more imperative than ever that intelligent, conscientious and responsible actions be taken to limit the unbridled practice of harvesting ocean life.

In the case of the green-lipped mussel, the New Zealand Minister of Fisheries has set new standards, as well as implemented a management system, for commercial catches of both wild and farmed (aqua cultured) green-lipped mussels. All mussel farms and fisheries licensed to fish in the specifically designated areas of New Zealand for mussel farming have agreed upon and are adhering to these strict controls.  OmegaXL is proud to be able to claim that 100% of the raw ingredients in its product is sourced only from the fisheries in strict compliance with the New Zealand Minister of Fisheries eco-sustainability standards and management system. Unlike other commercial fish oil supplements.

Responsible aqua-farming under these controls is only part of what will ensure the existence of the green-lipped mussel for future generations. Of equal importance to ongoing sustainability involves the environment. Because the green-lipped mussel’s diet is derived only from filtering plankton from the seawater in which it lives, and not omega-6 rich corn feeds, a clean environment-friendly to the mussel’s diet of micro-plankton is crucial.

New Zealand leads the world in researching, understanding, and monitoring biotoxin events. While the Marlborough Sounds, where the mussels that go into OmegaXL are farmed, are some of the cleanest waterways on earth, rain driven runoff can deliver contaminants to this otherwise pristine environment.  The New Zealand Marine Biotoxin Authority regularly monitors all mussel farming sites for the presence of toxins that contribute to toxic algae blooms. Along with other government run pollution monitoring and quality assurance programs, the environment in which the New Zealand green-lipped mussels grow is perhaps the safest and most monitored eco-system on earth. If any detriment from runoff is anticipated, all mussel farming comes to a grinding halt until the runoff dissipates and the waters test within acceptable parameters.

OmegaXL recognizes the relationship between the environment and the industry that grows the green-lipped mussel that goes into its product.  That’s why the only green-lipped mussel oil found in OmegaXL is from mussels grown and harvested under the strict controls of the New Zealand minister of Fisheries and the environmental protection fostered by the New Zealand government.  This ensures that every bottle of OmegaXL you buy has been produced in consideration of the environment and the long-term sustainability of the green-lipped mussel.

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