Omega-3 Green-Lipped Mussel Extract May Benefit Joint Pain and Mobility Better Than Fish Oil

A new study published in the Institute of Rheumatology journal says OmegaXL’s patented marine lipid extract PCSO-524™, from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, may provide more benefit for joint pain and mobility than fish oil.

According to a recent study published in Rheumatologia, the official journal of the Institute of Rheumatology and the Polish Rheumatological Society, PCSO-524™, an all natural, patented, fish oil supplement oil extract containing DHA and EPA from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, found in OmegaXL, may provide more benefits for joint mobility and pain relief compared to standard fish oil.

According to the study, 50 patients older than 50 years of age from the Rheumatology Clinic at the Wroclaw Medical University Hospital were administered randomly either a supplement that contained the omega-3 complex PCSO-524™ or standard fish oil capsules in a double-blind study. All subjects had a diagnosed history of osteoarthritis of the knee and/or the hip.  After 12 weeks, the research findings demonstrated that patients who were administered PCSO-524™ showed a statistically significant improvement of both their joint pain conditions and improved quality of their daily lives, and was safe and effective.

The study assessment pain scores showed a significant improvement from the participants that were given the omega-3 supplement containing PCSO-524™ after four weeks. This same group experienced greater relief from pain and stiffness for the duration of the study. Study participants who were administered fish oil did not show initial improvement during the first assessment at four weeks, and no further improvements were statistically significant at eight and 12 weeks.Patients administered standard fish oil showed significantly less improvement and a greater level of physical discomfort caused by the fish oil during the study.

Researchers stated that “given the potential side effects, large dosages needed and long duration required for fish oil, practitioners could consider omega-3 supplements containing PCSO-524™as a safer and faster acting first-line medication for patients who suffer from osteoarthritis.”

The green-lipped mussel, from which PCSO-524™ is extracted through a patented process, is farmed and harvested exclusively from the pristine waters of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds. This unique environment and aquaculture contribute to the stabilized marine lipid extract’s natural anti-inflammatory properties.  PCSO-524™ is the only known omega-3 marine lipid extract to contain a total of 30 healthy fatty acids including DHA and EPA.

OmegaXL is a bestselling Omega 3 supplement that contains the patented stabilized marine lipid extract PCSO-524™ derived only from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel. OmegaXL, manufactured exclusively by Great HealthWorks Inc., is the only omega-3 fish oil supplement available in America that contains the potentPCSO-524™ marine lipid extract. To find more information about OmegaXL and PCSO-524™ visit

Source: Journal Rheumatologia Volume 49, Issue 4, Pages 244-252 “Measurement of pain relief resulting from the administration of Perna canaliculus lipid complex PCSO-524™ as compared to fish oil for treating patients who suffer from osteoarthritis of knee and/or hip joints” Authors: J. Szechinski, M. Zawadzki


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