OmegaXL® Announces Angélica María as Company Spokesperson

Fort Lauderdale, FL – (February, 29th 2012) – Angélica María is the newest celebrity spokesperson for OmegaXL, an all natural Omega 3 supplement that offers anti-inflammatory benefits.  With a career spanning over 50 years as a singer-songwriter, actress and producer, Angélica María has been part of the life and history of contemporary Mexico.  She is perhaps the only Mexican actress who has successfully made the transition from child star to living legend.


This Grammy Award winner began acting when she was 5 years old and by the age of 10 she had already filmed 10 movies and won an Ariel Award for “Best Young Actress.” Her artistic career includes 5 shows, 60 movies, 22 soap operas, 16 theatrical plays, 56 video theatrical plays, 64 photo soap operas, more than 600 TV show appearances, more than 500 songs recorded in 64 CD’s and 245 awards in all of Latin America. Angélica María is the only Mexican star that has successfully been able to transition from a young actress to a legend, and is known as the “La Novia de Mexico” (Mexico’s Sweetheart.)


“I am honored to serve as the spokesperson for OmegaXL®.  I want to share with everyone the improvements that OmegaXL has provided in my life. Each day it was difficult for me to do a lot of things because of the pain in my joints.” says Angélica María. “I act, sing, dance and even though I kept myself working I did it with pain. For me to bend down, to pick up anything from the floor or standing for long hours during the rehearsals or during the recordings, it was a real effort. Now I can walk, go up and down the steps, exercise and all of these with no pain, thanks to OmegaXL.”


Great HealthWorks is a fast-growing vertically integrated direct response marketing company engaged in marketing and sales of premium natural health care products such as OmegaXL, an all natural Omega 3 supplement that offers anti-inflammatory benefits. Great HealthWorks brands are designed to provide results. That means having a positive impact on their customer’s lives today, right now and right away.


“We’re very excited to have Angélica María join our team as a celebrity spokesperson,” said Ken Meares, Founder and CEO of Great HealthWorks. “We are pleased to have Angélica María share her success with OmegaXL while promoting the company’s high quality products to the Latin American market.”


About Great HealthWorks, Inc.

Great HealthWorks, founded in 2003, is a global manufacturer and distributor of one-of-a-kind, natural products.  Great HealthWorks, the makers of OmegaXL, a natural, highly purified oil extract from the green lipped mussel; known scientifically as Perna Canaliculus. This marine based fish oil comes from the pristine waters of the Marlborough Sound found in New Zealand, and provides a combination of Omega 3 fatty acids beneficial to a person’s overall health. Great HealthWorks corporate headquarters and distribution center are in Hollywood, Florida.

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