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“I rarely endorse a product. But this OmegaXL is different… because it works. Pain hasn’t slowed me down. I’m still doing the things I love: directing, producing, acting, hanging out with family and friends. This is the real deal.

Trust me. Trust the decades of research. And trust the millions of people who have found success with OmegaXL.”

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Mussels for your joints

The secret behind OmegaXL® begins here, the pristine waters of New Zealand, home to one of nature’s most beneficial creations, the green-lipped mussel. These mussels piqued the interest of scientists, they discovered the green- lipped mussels are rich in EPA, DHA and contain over 30 healthy fatty acids. Great HealthWorks harnesses their power to provide results in a one-of-a-kind, powerful supplement backed by more than 40 years of clinical research. OmegaXL® has sold millions of bottles to people who want to get their active lives back. It can change your life too!

OmegaXL® – Over 20,000+ FIVE STAR Reviews***

As one of the largest vertically integrated direct-to-consumer companies in the United States, Great HealthWorks is dedicated to delivering quality health and wellness products.

OmegaXL®, Supported by 35+ years of clinical research, OmegaXL’s powerful and proven benefits have impacted the lives of athletes, celebrities, and dedicated daily users.

OmegaXL® Auto-Ship, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with OmegaXL, contact us within 60 days of your first order for a refund of your OmegaXL purchase price, less shipping and handling. Read More.