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The Best Vitamins for Brain Function

Written by OmegaXL on June 20, 2016

By Dr. Karen Vieira Ph.D. The brain is the body’s control center, therefore, maintaining optimal health in this vital organ is important to your overall well-being. Exercising regularly, eating nutritious foods, getting... Read more

Best Natural Workout Recovery Supplements

Written by OmegaXL on June 6, 2016

By Dr. Karen Vieira Ph.D. Individuals who work out regularly and vigorously often experience muscle soreness. Sometimes the pain and discomfort is brief, while at other times it may last... Read more

Strategies for Improving Leg Cramps

Written by OmegaXL on April 12, 2016

By Dr. Karen Vieira Ph.D. Dr. Kevin C. Miller, PhD, from the North Dakota State University states that “exercise-associated muscle cramps (EAMC) are a common condition experienced by recreational and... Read more

Recover Quickly From Muscle Soreness

Written by OmegaXL on February 9, 2016

By Dr. Karen Vieira Ph.D. Regular exercise, especially intense activity such as athletic running, typically leads to small tears in muscle tissue that causes delayed onset muscle soreness which often... Read more

Paleo Diet

Written by OmegaXL on May 15, 2014

What is the Paleo Diet You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz lately about the Paleo Diet – a way of eating that mimics that of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. So what exactly is the Paleo Diet? When most of us see the word ‘diet’ we think about cutting calories and fat, but the Paleo Diet