PCSO-524 – The Natural Supplement That Works Better Than Fish Oil!

Research demonstrates that PCSO-524™ provides all natural joint pain relief superior to fish oil. So much so that it should not even be considered in the same family as fish oil. But, because PCSO-524 is derived from a marine source – New Zealand green-lipped mussels – it has been lumped into the “fish oil” category. While PCSO-524 does contain similar components to regular fish oil, specifically omega-3 fatty acids, the similarity ends there. PCSO-524 is composed of a unique array of 30 highly absorbable health promoting fatty acid fractions, essential fats, free fatty acids and potent anti-oxidants that leave regular fish oil in the dust. It is that unique array of healthy fats and anti-oxidants that scientists believe has demonstrated remarkable joint support for literally thousands of years, making PCSO-524 a modern version of an ancient natural remedy.

Unique and remarkably effective health benefits of culturally indigenous plant or animal sourced natural remedies have been known for centuries. Records, some many thousands of years-old, of Native American, Roman, Egyptian, Persian, Chinese and Hebrew medical practices show that various plant and animal preparations were used extensively to cure practically every known illness. Some of those natural remedies are still in use today.

Many ancient plant or animal product based medicinal therapies are the precursor to modern pharmaceuticals. About 25 percent of the prescription medicines sold today are (or were originally) derived from natural sources – morphine and codeine come from the opium poppy; pseudo ephedrine (decongestant) comes from the ephedra herb; aspirin originated from willow bark; digitalis is derived from the foxglove plant. There are hundreds more, many of them known today because of their use in ancient times.

It is well known that a large body of consumers lend credence to ancient medicine, folk remedies and unique culturally isolated natural substances. And they know that those remedies, derived from such things as mushrooms, lichens, seaweed, kelp, bee pollen, green tea, sea shells, crustaceans and more, have been refined and purified and are today the active ingredient in legitimate pharmaceutical medicines.

Some examples of health benefits enjoyed by isolated cultures due to consuming unique plant or animal species include:

The Sami – the indigenous people of the northernmost parts of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia are typically involved in the traditional occupation of reindeer herding. Despite the fact that the Sami have been exposed to high levels of radioactivity since the 1950s due to nuclear testing by the former Soviet Union and the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, they appear to have a lower risk of most types of cancer compared with the general Swedish and Finnish population, . The traditional Sami diet is high in reindeer meat and berries (when available) compared with the Sami in other occupations, whose diet is similar to that of other Western people.

For thousands of years, Asians have attributed curative properties to certain mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms (Lentinula edodes) for example, have had their therapeutic value prized in Asian countries, where they originated. They play a critical role in Asian medicinal traditions and were noted in some of the first books on herbal medicine written several thousand years ago for the treatment of upper respiratory conditions, poor blood circulation, liver trouble and exhaustion. Today, numerous published research papers extol the benefits of Shiitakes, including a notable report published in the February 2009 issue of the journal Complimentary Therapies In Clinical Practice that showed that Shiitake mushroom extract demonstrated extensive antimicrobial activity against 85% of the organisms it was tested on, including 50% of the yeast and mold species in the trial.

In the same vain as the preceding examples of indigenous cultures, the Maori tribes of New Zealand have been consuming green-lipped mussels for centuries. Even though the Maori tribes underwent some very harsh conditions, people now believe that their superior health and strength is due to their diet of green-lipped mussel.

Subsequently, the stabilized, concentrated extract of the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, known as “PCSO-524” has been the subject of several university studies that have been peer reviewed and published in prestigious medical journals demonstrating its anti-inflammatory properties and benefit to joint health.

As stated previously, PCSO-524, because it contains the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA and comes from a marine species, it has been erroneously lumped into the “fish oil” category. This is like saying that a Bentley Arnage, because it contains nuts and bolts and comes from a factory, should be lumped into the “hardware” category. You can no more call a Bentley hardware as you can call PCSO-524 fish oil. While PCSO-524 does contain the DHA and EPA components of fish oil, it also contains a unique array of over 30 other highly absorbable health promoting fatty acid fractions, essential fats, free fatty acids and potent anti-oxidants. Regular fish oil doesn’t come close to this make up and it is conceivably why, in side by side university testing, that PCSO-524 demonstrated a tremendous advantage over fish oil in reducing joint pain and stiffness due to inflammation.

This could explain how the Maori people have lived for centuries free of joint pain and inflammatory conditions. If you are looking for a DHA/EPA supplement, then buy fish oil. If you have joint pain and stiffness due to inflammation then the choice is clear. PCSO-524 can only be considered as the sum total of its components, not for the few common components found in fish oil. A Rolls Royce is a unique amalgam of highly specialized parts that create a potent synergy setting it apart from every other car on the road. PCSO-524 is similarly composed. This centuries-old, proven, synergy is what sets PCSO-524 apart from every brand of fish oil on the market. It is why PCSO-524 should not even be considered fish oil. It is why PCSO-524 works.

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