Why OmegaXL

What is OmegaXL?

OmegaXL is a powerful omega-3 joint health supplement formulated with a unique complex of 30 healthy fatty acids, including DHA and EPA, that have been demonstrated in over 30 years of clinical research to relieve joint pain due to inflammation. OmegaXL is potent, safe and comes in small easy to swallow soft-gel caps. OmegaXL makes it simple for you to get back what joint pain and inflammation are limiting you from doing because OmegaXL works!

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OmegaXL is formulated for getting it done.

The adage “you get out what you put in” is the quick answer to what makes OmegaXL so effective helping relieve joint pain due to inflammation, reducing muscle soreness following exercise, and supporting respiratory function. Great HealthWorks has conducted more than 30 years of clinical research on OmegaXL to help you live with more vitality and less pain. And it all begins with the XL amount of beneficial fatty acids in the green lipped mussels that are gifted to us by nature.
Like you, OmegaXL is made for more.

  • Omega-3s are fatty acids that are essential to your overall health. With 30 different fatty acids, including omega-3s, OmegaXL can be an important addition to your overall health and quality of life. Here’s why:
  • Almost one in three Americans suffer from chronic pain at some point in their lifetime. Inflammation and joint pain are among the biggest problems your body is likely to face.
  • When you suffer from joint pain, or inflammation, it can be overwhelming. You’re unable to enjoy the things you once did and unable to care for your overall health because everyday activities, let alone a workout routine, become painful.
  • Fatty acids are essential to fight joint pain and inflammation, and the green-lipped mussel used to make OmegaXL is packed with them.
  • The oil extract in OmegaXL is natural, safe, and effective

It doesn’t smell like fish oil because it isn’t fish oil.

Each OmegaXL softgel capsule is sourced from green-lipped mussels – not fish. Green-lipped mussels are sustainably farmed in the pristine ocean waters of New Zealand, consistently reported to be among one of the cleanest waters in the world.

Make OmegaXL an essential component of your daily health and wellness routine.

Don’t let everyday aches and pains hold you back from living a healthy active life. Like you, OmegaXL was made for more. By adding OmegaXL to your diet, you are getting more than 30 different free fatty acids including Omega-3s that help relieve joint pain, sore muscles and more.

OmegaXL® Soft Gel Cap Features

  • 22x more Omega-3 free fatty acids than standard fish oil capsules
  • Sourced from sustainably farmed New Zealand green-lipped mussels
  • 30+ years of research & science
  • No fishy aftertaste
  • Small, easy-to-swallow softgel
  • Safe and effective